• VIP Natureland RITUAL( 1 Per.)

    Duration(Min) : 180   Price : 1999 AED
    This is the perfect option for those clients who want to enjoy a unique and exclusive experience that includes sauna and hammam open only for VIP clients, enjoying at the same time a 
    Vip Sauna
    Traditional Turkish Hammam
    Natureland Signature Massage 
    Hair Mask
    Gold Facial Mask
    Spesial Turkish Tea and Coffee
  • VIP Natureland ROYAL RITUAL( 2 Per.)

    Duration(Min) : 220   Price : 3999 AED

    This option is worthy of sultans and kings of the ancient times, it will give our clients a relaxing experience with the maximum luxuries, including the opening of exclusive sauna, a ritual royal hammam that includes the deep exfoliation of the skin with a glove special made for all skin types, a Cleopatra massage synchronized a gold mask to nourish the skin of the facewith a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect, exotic fruits.

  • VIP Natureland Premium Mix Massage ( 1 Pax. )

    Duration(Min) : 60   Price : 1029 AED Price : 1029 $  861.99 €
    60 Min.